Sr. No. Name of laboratory Major Equipments & Software
1. Basic Electrical Lab  Dedicated for the first-year curriculum
2. Electrical Machines & Technology Lab Testing, Measurement and Research related with Motors and Transformers
3. Electrical Machine II Lab Testing, Measurement and Research related with Motors and Generators
4. PLC & SCADA Lab Allen Bradley PLC 1400 Series, SCADA software’s, VFDs, Proximity sensors,14 dedicated PCs for SCADA, PLC
5. Industrial Drives  Lab Advanced drives and special purpose motors, Power electronics experimentations, Analog and digital experimentations
6. Instrumentation and control Lab Control System, Small Signal measurement. Sensors and electrical measurement
7. High Voltage Lab High voltage Transformer 0-65KV
Thermal  Imager
Capacitance & Tan Delta Test Set
IR Tester
8. Switchgear Protection Lab Advanced power system protection Relays,

DC regulated current source up to 400A,

Signal Analysis and Digital system development through ‘DSPACE Micro LAB’

9. Advanced Controller Various Advanced Microcontrollers and ADC for interfacing with the outer world
10. Project Lab High-tech data acquisition system, all facility/equipment for project development
11. Software Lab DELL PCs (48 Nos), Printer, Software – MATLAB, ANSYS  MAXWELL, Turbo C, AutoCAD

Departmental Library

The departmental library comprises the following:

  • NPTEL video lectures
  • Journals